Swiss Alps from the air

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Travelling with a drone is a stressful experience. Luggage space, airports, security checks, safety, country laws and legalities, and public impression are always on the forefront of your mind.

    Will this airport security guard let me through with this backpack full of high-capacity batteries?
    Would I rather carry the backpack that holds my drone up the mountain, or my backpack full of still photo equipment?
    Are these conditions safe to fly in?

Once everything is said and done, and you’re standing on the mountaintop capturing amazing aerial footage from a vantage point that has never been seen before, it all becomes worth it.

I brought my quadcopter to Switzerland for two weeks of Alps exploration. As a photographer, it is always a challenge finding a new location that nobody has ever photographed. When I sit at the base of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah, I ask myself, “How many photographs have been taken from this very spot?” That number has to be in the millions.

But when I hike from peak to peak with my quadcopter on my back, I know that something very special is about to take place. From the moment I lift off, it gives me great pleasure to know that I am seeing and filming a part of the world from a vantage point that nobody in history has seen before.

This might all change as drones become more and more popular, but at the moment there are relatively few aerial cinematographers, especially when compared to the number of photographers. So I proudly present Switzerland from a new vantage point: from the view of my quadcopter. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Fabulous views: new SWISS Boeing 777 above the Alps. SWISS


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