Grand Bohemian Hotel, Asheville

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This Kessler Collection masterpiece is just steps away from gates of the famous Biltmore Estate. In Biltmore Village, two miles from downtown. 104 rooms and suites, from $220 depending on season, Red Stag Grill restaurant, Poseidon Spa, fitness center, art gallery, valet parking, concierge.

The interior of the Grand Bohemian Asheville is central European in its essence, borrowing from Austrian country styles mixed with the unique and contemporary flair, while upholding the heritage of the area. Grand elegance fills every corner with rustic design finishes, antiques and an extensive art collection.

As you enter the lobby, you will be overwhelmed with the antique and art collection. Sit in antique Chinese chairs, hand-carved in 1888. The columns in the lobby are originally from a palace in India. The ceilings in elevator lobby landing area and massive entrance doors are hand carved from Bali.

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